CenterCal LLC Brought My Vision to Life! (updated 6.21.2016)

My site has always been about achieving success. The goal is to have an online community of healthy and wealthy people who are helping others create health and wealth in their lives. This is one reason I began this journey. I am achieving success in my life and I want to share success with others rather than take it from them. I have been telling you a lot about my health journey and I am switching it up a bit to let you in on our wealth journey.

The Village At Meridian was my vision to help our Idaho economy, small business owners and Idaho people with jobs and enjoyment.


Back in 2005 I thought of a plan. This is a plan that an Idaho girl could see that her community needed. I realized that businesses were suffering and people were suffering as we headed into a deeper recession. I wanted to create something that would lift the spirits of the people of the community while supporting businesses which would in turn support people by giving them jobs and enjoyment. It had to be so well thought out that businesses would come in and continue to thrive. To support business we need people close by, a lot of people with money so why not have luxury apartments? There needed to be gathering places and cafes. There needed to be a main business with lots of foot traffic. If it was going to be a Theater, it had to be a special theatre with better rates than the others that were failing by the minute.

waterfall-under-wallpaper volleyball at the Fun Farm in St. Anthony, ID under the waterfall2

A beautiful waterfall would enhance the atmosphere, not just a fountain but something even better. My thoughts were based on how we would ride horses in Eastern Idaho at The Fun Farm. We would stop by a waterfall and punch our hands in, grab a bar in back of falls and pull ourselves under. You could see the water falling in front of you. It was very cool. However, I like the way CenterCal chose to use the guy who created the fountains at the Bellagio to make the fountains at my Village. It is beautiful and definitely better than a basic waterfall. I still like the idea of being under the falls though.

Music in the streets would add a nice vibe and since it’s going to be outdoors, street lamps will offer appeal that gives off a European feel…heat lanterns/lamps, fire places, something to keep people warm in the winter. I just loved going to Europe when I was in my early 20s. Prague, Czechoslovakia (it is now Czech Republic for those who are currently in their 20s) was my favorite because of the wholesome feel and the amazing and friendly people. I loved the cobblestone streets and the architecture. Even the manhole covers were decorative. Ours are stamped out. When the CenterCal investor/developer asked, “What special things would you have in this outdoor mall?” This is what I envisioned.

Prague at night

I was there and I walked those streets and I wanted my Idaho friends and family to be able to experience some of that also.

I began telling a few coworkers about my wonderful plan to help our economy in the area. My boss at the time, Mike Chilton (you may remember his name since he ran for Ada County Coroner in 2014), he was also my husband’s friend and co-worker, was opening his first Liberty Tax. He needed help and I decided to get out there, even though I had small children, and give him a hand. I figured I could learn how to do taxes too.

Mike Chilton

It was interesting finding out that besides working with my husband and starting his own chain of businesses, he also worked with investors as some sort of Finance guy. When Mike heard my idea, he asked me if he could introduce me to one of his investors. He told me he couldn’t promise that he could help me out but asked if I was willing to tell him my idea. I of course said, “Yes!” I had been thinking about this for quite a few years and the economy wasn’t picking up. It needed a real boost. Mike arranged the meeting and I met with the investor in 2010 I believe. (Mike would have record of the time frame of his first Liberty Tax opening and of when I helped him out. Plus, since he arranged it he should have record of the exact date of the meeting)

The investor or now I think he was a developer came in. I started telling my story and he stopped me. He began asking very specific questions that made me think he knew what he was doing and that this might actually happen. I told him the things above and he asked how I envisioned the arrangement of this outdoor community mall? I saw it in a horseshoe but I wanted several points of entry so as not to cut off the flow.  It’s important to keep flowing and the best way is in a circular motion that leads customers from business to business and in a continuous pattern (this is how he arranged it also. The Theater is at one end with lots of points of entry and flow going all the way to the Axiom end. He did set it up the way I said which keeps the community entering and going from store to store. I also remember the way people used to park on the streets in small towns rather than parallel parking. You would park right next to the store, not parallel but sort of at an angle, get out of your car and walk right in. It is still sometimes done today but I like the feel of it. It seems more personal and easier. It was cool that CenterCal incorporated that just a bit. However, I do see how with more of a population it’s not that easy to get those spots. I just really liked how you could pull up to the door and then easily pull away. I knew more parking would be necessary but having some would be sort of nostalgic and add to a wholesome feel.

store front parking


He asked, “What special features would you have?” That’s when I said that cobblestone would be amazing. When I went to Prague, Czechoslavakia (at the time) I absolutely loved the cobblestone streets. He said that would be very expensive. I said, “Put it in the walk ways only then.” Also, a skating rink would be cool. I loved the outdoor rink you always see in the movies like Wollman Rink from NYC. Plus, I remember going to a mall with an Ice skating rink right inside and thinking how cool that was. It was just one more thing to attract the community. He seemed to like the idea because in Idaho we need seasonal attractions. Speaking of weather, how about a big hill for kids to roll down in the summer and sled down in the winter like I did at the Fun Farm when I was a kid. This was my Heaven on Earth. I want everyone to experience just a drop. It was amazing when my grandma, Florence Packer, was alive.

Snake River and The Fun Farm

He asked, “What would the buildings look like?” I like unique and I knew the Treasure Valley didn’t have any of these buildings…When I went to Canada in 6th grade with my Sounds of Peace music group from Mountain View Elementary, I saw this beautiful copper top building and I loved the teal colored patina it had. He said that would be very expensive. I said, “Well it could have the look of it.” I mentioned they have buildings like this in Canada but I’ve also seen some pretty cool ones that are similar when I went to Europe. He copied the look pretty well.

Canadian Parliament, Coppertop

He asked, “Where would you put this mall?” I had done my research and knew that Eagle Rd was the busiest road in the state of Idaho. That wasn’t common knowledge at the time. Plus, Fairview is always busy and I wanted to move from Kuna to that area. I said, “The North East Corner of Fairview and Eagle.” I had been researching the best corner for business and that was the corner that my Uncle, Garth Baldwin, one of the successful people I know, said was the best for business due to his research in purchasing the Chevron in Horseshoe Bend, ID. Plus, it made the most sense since it was so large. It could have a park and be very community involving. We need to involve the community so having a community gathering area for families, couples and everyone would be nice. He mentioned, “like a park?” I answered, “Yes, a park would be really great and that’s where the hill could go too and a playing water area that all kids big and small can enjoy. He asked, “Where would the park go?” I knew it would be better for the businesses to be closer to the busy corner so I said, “In the area across from Walmart.”

He thanked me and began to leave but turned around, like Columbo, and asked, “What would you call it?” Once again, I knew exactly what to call it. My husband was from Greenwich Village in upstate New York. New Yorkers are a very leery group. They don’t seem friendly until you get to know them. However, in the village areas the people let down their guards and are very friendly. I really liked the atmosphere and this is where I heard music coming out of the sidewalks for the first time. This is Saratoga, NY which is near Greenwich Village, NY.

Saratoga street view Saratoga horse racing Saratoga beauty

I knew it had to be called The Village. The investor paused in confusion like there was another Village. I said, “The Village at Meridian.” He asked, “But isn’t that Boise?” I said, “Maybe, but it’s at Meridian. Plus, the Walmart across the street is the Meridian Walmart. He was satisfied. I really expected him or Mike to get back with me and the next thing I knew they were breaking ground on my village.

I wrote this story for one reason.  The reason is that I have a new and far better idea than my Village idea. Although, it does hurt every now and again when people are enjoying my life in a shopping mall and they don’t even know I created it for them. Also, as I pass by and see the fruits of my life sitting there, I feel a bit of sadness. It does make me extremely happy that people are enjoying my vision and experiencing some of what I experienced in my life. Plus, my idea of The Village did play a role in jump starting the Idaho economy which is what I intended it to do. The investor/developer of CenterCal LLC did a great job of bringing my vision to life. However, my question to you is “Why count me out?” I would have been happy to play any part. I could have played some role and been an even greater asset to you as an Idaho girl on your side. Not as wise a decision as it could have been for you but you still have gained tremendously from this Idaho girl’s idea. The great thing is that the people of Idaho have gained as well.

A happier place by far than My Village, this new idea will make Idaho even better. Once again, I will take my life experiences, which are abundant even though I was not a rich girl growing up in Idaho. I still lived and live today a very rich life filled with family and good friends. I want to create this for my Idaho not for a group from California to reap all the rewards this time. They are huge and the easiest way to find investors but I want Idaho to invest in Idaho this time around. I hope you, my loyal advocates, will join me on this new adventure. We will be triumphant!

Trust Brings Strong Souls Together! Stacy Taylor

Bing says that trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something:
synonyms: confidence • belief • faith • certainty • assurance • conviction • credence • reliance

The definition for adversity from Webster says that it is misfortune, struggle or mishaps. Bing concurs with this definition. However, there really should be included with the definition that it is a tool to growth. It is through adversity that we grow, we become stronger, and we gain deeper understanding.

I have seen myself transform over the last few months. My body is stronger, more resilient, able to do things I haven’t done in years. I have worked very hard to get here. I have been working out with my trainer, Ia Falo, 4 times a week and going to cardio 2 times a week, I have kept my diet pretty strict on 2000 calories. When you’re eating clean it seems like so much food. It’s been wonderful. I gained a lot of lean muscle but lost nearly 30 lbs of fat. We are now cutting the calories to 1500 and adding a cardio day which is actually becoming more difficult. I also have to really add in that 4th pillar Ia has been telling me about and that is recovery. I need to be taking ice baths, massaging my sore muscles, well, all of my muscles so they don’t pull and tighten as much and even going to a chiropracter if needs be. The ice bath is a rough one but I need to do it. I have done cool baths but the ice bath evades my gravitational pull. Once all 4 pillars (strength training, diet, cardio, and recovery) are in place I will be unstoppable. I have 20 lbs of fat to release still and a bit of lean muscle but I should make it to become competition ready. What a wonderful thing it is to get back into shape after several years of other kinds of difficulties. I wish I had taken this path a long time ago. Had I done that, more than likely, I wouldn’t have suffered so much with fibromyalgia, migraines, hypoglycemia, hernia, hemorrhoids, knee pains, back pains and all of the other ailments I have but am overcoming now. I hope you decide to work hard to stay in shape but it’s never too late if you’re like me and let life rear its ugly head.

My cousin, Barbara Packer, once told me, “If there’s a fork in the road and you need to decide which way to go…always choose the more difficult path.” The more difficult path will get easier but the easier path will get more difficult. It’s inevitable. I heard this again during the April 2016 General Conference. I understood it when my cousin said it but when I heard it at conference I realized that for one, I have pretty wise relatives, and two it is super important in life. Maybe if I had heeded to my cousin’s teaching many years ago I would have become stronger faster. As it is, I’m getting there. However, now when that fork comes up again or for some other decision, I will know which way to go.

Take the more difficult path, the road less traveled and give it all you’ve got. Make sure you know your destination so that it will be less difficult to get off track. With your eye on the goal and your feet on the ground you’ll find the right path to bring you around. I felt like Dr. Seuss for a minute. That’s okay because Dr. Seuss teaches some pretty great lessons too. Yes. Even with Green Eggs and Ham Sam I am. Just try it for Heaven’s Sake. You might find out you like it. You might find out your life will be enhanced.

Working with exchange students has been an amazing thing I’ve done in my life. I learn something every year from all the different countries and cultures and people one thing I love is when I find out that there are so many similarities. I love having a mix of friends from different families, beliefs, countries, and cultures. It keeps me growing in ways I wouldn’t think of myself. It keeps me open to new ideas. It helps me understand my role in life even more. I want to work with loyal advocates like me and different too. We can create amazing things that will impact our world in ways that others can’t dream. Get on board. Sign up at entries rss and comment at comments rss and let’s join forces. It will blow your mind what we can achieve together.

I am looking for people who have dealt with adversity, stayed positive, experienced growth and won’t let anything get in their way. Loyal Advocates, I want to trust you and for you to trust me. I hope you join me on this health journey and/or decide to join me on our wealth journey. I have an amazing start to what our future holds. I’m looking for people who want to go big or go home. I created The Village At Meridian from the smallest detail to the name itself. I have another amazing project in store. Let’s do this. Get on board and let’s build this together. I just need one incredible investor but I am willing to take on as many as are willing. There is strength in numbers but numbers will come I can attest to that. Serious investors contact me.

10 Truths To Help You Balance Life

When striving to be athletic, you have to be healthy enough to get started. Once you start training you must maintain a certain level of health, strength and momentum in order to get better, faster, stronger than whoever you may be up against. In Body building, my trainer, Ia Falo speaks about pillars and how it is important to have them in balance. If your diet isn’t right it makes your cardio more difficult and if your cardio is off, strength training is tough. With each in balance you can turn your body into a machine. Life’s balances are much the same. When your life is balanced you can achieve happiness, success or fulfillment.

  1. Have Faith. Pray. Whether you are Christians like Martin Luther King Jr., Hindu like Gandhi, atheists like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Muslim like Dr. Mehmet Oz,  love, compassion, honesty and a strong belief in humanity is something we all share. Although in most cases God is there to help on the way which is both humbling and comforting to many.
  2. Set Meaningful Goals. I will be Competition Ready by May 7th. When you set a goal that is definitive then your mind will find a way to achieve it. It is also a good idea to break it down into daily, weekly, monthly goals along the way. It’s a great benefit when you have help from a proven trainer like Ia or Nicole Falo.
  3. Be an Example. Serve Others. Never fear. Network. This is so important. Learn to love serving if you don’t already. You will serve in some capacity your whole life. If you want to constantly feel the joy of service then create a strong family. That will keep you in daily service for the rest of your life. There will be difficult times but the small joys and the accomplished happiness you gain will have no match. (hint: I enjoy having a natural family but I’ve seen my exchange students thrive with families from across the world. You can have family wherever you are. Make it happen. Creating or being a part of a strong and lasting network of loyal advocates will be one of your most valuable choices in life.
  4. Work to Accomplish your Goals. This seems obvious but many do think they can set a goal then put it away and it will magically come true. This is a possibility based on the Law of Attraction but the idea is that your mind will find a way. You will actually work toward the goal. You will find ways to accomplish said goal and you will never, never, never give up.
  5. Attitude. Include Laughter each day. Make the Best of Each Day Good or Bad. This is pretty straight forward. You have to constantly train yourself to think positivily. I like the story of the man who takes his dog for a walk. If he lets the dog, he will pee every few seconds, sniff, sniff pee, sniff, sniff pee. If he tugs on the collar and trains the dog not to pee the dog will learn that it doesn’t stop to pee it keeps going. That’s what we have to constantly do with our minds. There are always things happening around us that cause our mind to want to pee. We need to remember to give it a tug and train it not too. Focus on positivity, laugh, appreciate, and enjoy life.
  6. Stay Laser Focused. Getting Distracted by things around you will cause you to falter.
  7. Magnify Your Callings. Do your best at all you do. My children learned a cute slogan…Good, better, best never let it rest until your good is better and your better is best! I love that. Learn it! Live it!
  8. Enjoy The Journey. By doing the previous things on the list, this will become possible. You will enjoy it. Every change in exercise Ia has me do, I say, “I love that one!” It helps even if just with a smile.
  9. Reach The Finish Line. Celebrate.
  10. Set a New Goal. Keep going. Find new and different things to accomplish. Never stop learning. Never stop really living.

A great company for networking is ACN. ACN is a service company that provides services we already use for a better price. Also, if you sign 5 people on the same service as you, yours can be free. I’ve been getting free Dish Network for about a year. If I was in an energy state I would blow the doors off the energy market…that is huge. They have internet, phone and other services depending on where you live. Plus, I make a bit of money once in awhile too. Free services and money…Why not tell your network? They’ll only benefit. You can find more info out here.  Just click on your country or state and see all of the choices you have. Heck, give it a try. You can start setting your goals, or set a new one.

When you apply these 10 truths, your life will be in balance. Once you have your health and you start to amass some wealth you will feel the peace that comes from a life of balance. Wealth is adding more to your bottom line and getting some cash stick instead of continuing the cycle of cash flow. It’s success and riches when your life is truly balanced.

You Are Amazing Just The Way You Are

I wouldn’t change a thing about you! I love you just the way you are! You truly are loved more than you know. You can love you also! I’m on this journey so that I will love me again. I remember the first time I fell in love with me. I was working, becoming healthier, independent yet married (you can be both) and enjoying life. Some people automatically love themselves and that’s great! Keep loving yourself! For those who struggle like me then let’s do something about it. You deserve it! Before you decide not to like the terms “I love me” or” I deserve it” let me tell you, “YOU DESERVE IT!” One more time…”YOU DESERVE IT!” You are amazing just the way you are!

You have so many amazing talents that we would all love to have! You’re talents could include being a good conversationalist, getting to know others well and caring for them deeply. You are brilliant when it comes to creativity and teaching. You endure and are a good and giving person in spite of the difficulties life throws your way. I hope you will take me on a journey too.

I enjoy this journey far more than I expected. As my body changes, and my mind does too, I notice awesome things happening. I am beginning to enjoy life again. I feel better more often than not. There are times when I stumble but it’s less and less difficult to get back up again.

I was helping set up for our Star Wars themed Blue and Gold Banquet for scouts. There’s a gym with a stage. You can walk to the ends of the stage and climb the stairs to get to the stage which is what I have felt the need to do for several years wishing I could just hop up like when I was a kid. Last night I hopped up, put away some chairs so we could have a Space Walk (cake walk with a Star Wars twist). After I hopped back down I realized, “Wow! I just did that like when I was a kid!” Such a good feeling. Now, I jump up on curbs and jump down, and hop around. I have the stability and strength. I am having a blast! You can too!

I highly recommend working with my trainer, Ia Falo, who has proven success in more areas than anyone I know. Plus, he can turn anyone into a healthy, well oiled machine. Which means for men, you become solid as a rock. For women it means you have an elegant beautiful solidity. Ia’s wife Nicole is the perfect example of this and she also trains people to great success. They teach being physically fit, socially fit and mentally fit along with leading an overall healthy lifestyle.

If you want to kick your training up a notch, breathe better, have more energy, and see a lot of great things happen with your health along the way you definitely need to have good and pure nutrition which you can find here. So far, this company tops my list for the right kind of good nutrition and good energy without any of the chemicals or drugs we get everywhere else. I will be recommending other companies I use for different types of benefits to our bodies, bank accounts and our life in general. I enjoy these companies because when you refer someone else, you get paid. This makes buying good nutrition or good products so much easier and gives you no excuse not too. Also, I really love the gift card idea and the brilliance of it. I haven’t seen it before and it allows you to get higher rewards faster and easier.

I have been in the industry since 1993. I will rank some of the finest in their fields. You will learn more on the value and benefit to you of owning your own business whether it’s an inexpensive, home-based business or a high investment brick and mortar type business.

When you comment in Comments RSS I am able to read it and respond. I can give you contact info for the Falos. Also, please subscribe to all of my posts in Entries RSS.

When this goal has been met then we are on to new endeavors which will include amazing investment opportunities in brick and mortar as well as home-based concepts and living our dreams while also being healthy rather than one or the other. I hope you will enjoy living life to the fullest with me.



“When Walking Through Hell Why the Hell Would You Stop?” (9 Ways to Help You Be More Positive)

When you work out 6 times a week your body tends to get tired. Because it gets tired your immunity goes down. I have been getting sick and I’m not liking it. I need to build up my immunity and not let it down again. I take rest days but I’m not a spring chicken anymore. Whoa! That’s what my grandma would say. Monday was the 1st of the month so I went to workout in my shorts since it was time for the pinch test. (Not fun when you’re not as fit as you’d like to be yet.) It was still very cold out due to the fact that it’s winter so I threw on my coat as I left. Ia Falo, my trainer told me not to workout but to get well first. He told me to pick up some Airborne and Vick’s Vapor Rub on the way home and then to sweat in a steam room not a sauna, drink lots of water and get well. I took his advice and stopped by Walgreens on the way home. As I was paying, the cashier asked if I wanted my senior discount. I am more than a few years away from the youngest senior of 55. I said no, I’m not a senior. She said, “Oh! Some people look younger than others.” I left horrified and then I realized what I looked like. I was wearing a coat with shorts which might appear a bit senile. I had no makeup on and I was sick and looking pale. I guess I have to forgive her but it’s awful when you get mistaken for a senior for the first time. Especially, when I’m doing everything I can to look and feel better. Just a heads up for those in their mid to late 40s or even early 50s. I hope your first senior mistake comes when you’re 80 instead. I think of the saying, “When walking through hell, why the hell would you stop?” I’m not going to stop. I get knocked down then I get up again. You’re never gonna keep me down. I will continue and I hope you will continue with me. We will keep going no matter what. We will reach our destination!

Today I went to Positive Changes. I needed it after the other day. I have been learning a lot about the mind and how you can literally teach it to create a better life for yourself. About a year ago, I watched “The Secret” for the first time. Look it up on Netflix. I highly recommend it. The Law of Attraction is not what you think by the wording itself. However, it is very interesting that what you think about is what you attract to you. If you think, “I don’t want this.” You will get it. If you think, “I want this.” You will get it. That’s how it works. Positive or negative doesn’t matter. You will get it if you think about it a lot.

How do you think in a positive way rather than a negative way? There are many ways.

  • Being grateful. I recently read that waking up each morning and thinking of the things you’re grateful for will change the mood of your entire day.
  • When you eat better you feel better so if you can’t eat for your health eat for your mood.
  • Exercise regularly. Exercise releases endorphins which help you be more happy. Again, if you don’t want to do it for your health do it for your mood.
  • Spend more time in nature.
  • Stay away from people who bring you down. If you have to spend time with them, do it knowing that what they say or do is because they have issues and it’s no reflection on you. Also, keep the time you spend with them as minimal as possible.
  • Spend time with people who love and support you.
  • Go to church or the temple.
  • Read from Good books/scriptures.
  • Force yourself to think positive. There will always be negativity in the world. An example is when someone is driving 30mph in a 50mph zone and you can’t pass them. Laugh, turn on your radio, sing, dance in your seat(use this as a flexing exercise and flex different parts of your body). When the situation, whatever it is, is over you can know that you are most likely happier and better off than the person you just avoided getting upset over is. Plus, you are likely a lot happier and healthier if you’re avoiding anger or worry.

I have been working out 6x/week lately. It is making huge improvements in my appearance, attitude and health. I am now at 22% body fat. Once I added cardio to my strength training I lost 5 lbs in a week. I know I’m not supposed to look at the scale but I still don’t understand body fat percentages that well so the scale is still my crutch so to speak. I did go from 27% to 22% body fat. 5% change which means I gained a lot of muscle too. Now, the muscle needs to make the fat disappear and it is. I promise that when you Keep going! Push through! Get back up! You can and will reach your goal and you will say, “That was awesome! What’s next?”

Go to: Entries RSS to subscribe, to Comments RSS to comment. We look forward to our many adventures with you.

You Hold The Key To A Better Life!

keep reminding yourself-Dyer

You take a look at who you’ve become and decide you need to change something so you can enjoy your life again and be happy. You might want to change your lousy job. You might want to move because the grass is greener somewhere else. You might want to lose weight or gain weight or be happier. Some circumstances exist where we are forced to change our external situations. However, I am talking about the majority of times when it’s a choice.

What if, instead of making a huge change like a new house or job, country or city, a new spouse, or a new life we decided to change our minds and/or our bodies instead? The mind and body work in concert to create positive energy and a positive life. Often we look outside ourselves when the answers have been right there inside all along.

Trivia Crack is a game where you begin to recognize that you know a lot more than you think. Deep in the recesses of your mind lie countless experiences and mounds of knowledge that sit unused. I have actually been pleasantly surprised at how much I know. Sometimes I guess at the answers but those aren’t the times I’m speaking about. It’s when I actually realize I know something because of a past experience, even if I can’t recall the actual experience. I realize, “Cool. I probably learned that in my college Psychology class or somewhere in my past.”

Most of us know how to lose weight, how to do better at and like our job, how to make our house a home, how to have a happier marriage, how to have a happier family, etc. The first thing we can do is simply go to work. Stop searching for an easier way. Stop avoiding and stop trying to make it perfect.  Get started now. When you hit a wall then you need to find a way to bring your knowledge out where you can use it again. Your knowledge will help you make it easier and better along the way.

If you want to lose weight…(The 3 Pillars=Body) start moving, eating right, and strength training and your (Dr. Porter=mind) mind will fill in the gaps or find ways to reach your desired result. I joined Positive changes because my parents felt like I needed more positivity in my life. Honestly, they sort of tricked me into it. I chose to stay when they left. I’m glad I did because learning from Dr. Patrick Porter and his team is what gave me the mind set to just get going. I was prepared this time when my husband offered to get me a trainer for a Christmas gift. I actually accepted, realizing I could do it. I needed help from a trainer because I was struggling to do it on my own for too long and I still wasn’t dropping pounds with Positive Changes alone. I also needed a bit of a brain cleaner. Positive Changes is a great way to help you condition your mind. By doing so, you are motivated to exercise and you really don’t want to eat bad or put bad things in your body. You want to control your stress, anger, etc. It is very good for your well-being. If that alone isn’t enough to get you where you need it actually gives you the courage to find what you need and make it happen. That’s what it did for me and it’s still helping me with many aspects of life. These do cost money and I can tell you they are definitely worth it. So save for it and in the meantime you can read and begin training. I recommend books by Dr. Patrick Porter, these blog posts about proven training, and Dr. Porter recommends Deepak Chopra’s books which I will begin reading soon.

When my husband offered to get me a trainer I knew Ia Falo would help me find a way to get to where I needed to be.  I’m very glad I finally made that choice and I get to see my body changing. I went from 31% body fat to 27% in the last couple months. It consisted of fat loss while gaining lean muscle which resulted in overall loss of 14 lbs. Ia believes that I can lose up to 15% body fat this month because my body is ready and I am adding diet as well as cardio. Then, I’ll be much closer to my goal and I’ll know what other things I have to do. I’m already smiling while envisioning what that’ll look and feel like.

Since I had rather large twins and gained weight right after, my skin will probably need tightening. The lengthening strength and tightening cream Ia recommends will help I’m sure. I prefer natural results. However, I am not against doctors by any means. They have their purpose and if I have too, I will use them to help after everything I can do.  I still have time and a lot more work to do so I think it will all work out. Hard work and keeping the end result in mind is the way. If you use the 3 pillars (strength training, diet and cardio) you will succeed. You will work extremely hard in the beginning but you will see results and then it will be fun. When that fork is in the road and you take the easier route it only gets harder. However, when you take the more difficult route it gets easier.  Your hard work will pay off!!!

It’s pretty much the same with everything. If you become the best at your job, it’s easier to get a new one or move higher in some capacity. If you work consistently on your house cleaning, fixing, painting or just updating it will actually be your home and you will love it. If you work at your marriage and ask your spouse every single day, “What can I do to make you happier and to ease your burden today?” Eventually, they will stop answering and join in. If you plan and do more fun things with your family then you will have a much happier family.

The answers are right there. Access your good memories and bring them to the forefront. Focus on the end result and your mind will find a way. Work on the 3 Pillars. You don’t have to change your job, buy a new house or divorce your spouse. You can be happy right where you are. See yourself there so vividly that you feel it. You will make it happen!

When you change your thoughts you can achieve anything by putting it into action. When making Positive Changes Ia Falo says to use the 3 pillars to work on your health. Doctor Patrick Porter would say, “The answer is not to make external changes but to change your thoughts!” Learn from the experts and know you may need help with the lock, but, you hold the key to a better life!

You Are A Natural!

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You are talented believe it or not! Is your talent physical, mental or spiritual? How many talents do you have? Everyone has multiple talents. You also have the ability to achieve new talents whenever you want.

* = talent.

What do I like? Feeling good* is at the top of my list currently because without that it’s very difficult to do any of the other things I like. That is why I’m focusing on becoming healthier*, more fit*, more positive*.

I also like doing things with my family*. My husband and I are trying to take some family vacations before our boys leave home and face the world on their own. We are planning a vacation for Spring Break. We are also trying to do more around our home and town. Of course, the flu got in the way of our Christmas break and really disappointed us all. Life tends to get in the way whenever you try to develop/hone a talent. You just have to keep trying*. Pick yourself up when you fall*.  Eventually you will win as long as you try, try, try again*!

I enjoy helping people*. This is a difficult one to gauge. I try to help people all of the time and I rarely know if I succeed. However, there have been many instances of proof. Like when I suggest an outfit and a friend decides that it’s perfect for them. This has happened on small scales to extremes. I talk about this in “Ideas, What are they worth.” You can also help a friend move*. You can take food to someone who is sick*. Some of these talents are not even considered talents by some because they just do them without even thinking. However, for many of us, it is a huge undertaking and requires time management*, money management*, good health*, cooking*, socializing*, and enumerable things that a person has to overcome just to help another.

Obviously, natural talent is very desirable. But, we can all achieve the desired results we want. We just have to set our goals, work to achieve them, overcome the obstacles along the way and before we know it we can be naturals too.

Being a natural can also be fleeting. To have a marriage that is full of love*, kindness* and compassion* is a constant effort. You don’t just achieve it and that’s the end. You work at it every single day. That’s how to have a beautiful marriage*, a beautiful talent, anything you desire pretty much can be achieved if you work at it consistently.

Set your goal [make sure your goal is precise. For example, “I will work out with my trainer, Ia, 4 days a week, eat what Nicole plans for me and be competition ready by April 15th.”]….get laser focused….be consistent…..success!!!

Ia and I have discussed this many times how nobody realizes, cares or sees it in you until you have Proven it. Prove it to yourself first (I can’t wait) and you will snicker when all the people say, “You’re a natural!”

Posture Up!



We are told from the time we are children by our moms, “Sit up straight, walk tall, chin up, etc. Then when we join any sport we are told to maintain a good posture, chest up, head up, etc. Have we actually stopped to think about how important posture really is?

Ia continually talks about how posture is important in my exercises. If I want to look my best I have to walk, smile, flex just so. He trained my son the other day and showed him the value of a good posture. He told Logan to round out his back and sit like most people do. Then, he layed his body on Logan’s shoulder and Logan collapsed. He set Logan into place with the proper posture, shoulders up, head up, back straight then he layed on him again. Logan held Ia’s weight pretty easily. Ia said, “With proper posture, you become much more difficult to beat.” That’s a good thought in life. Posture really tells who you are or where you are in life. A tall upright position signifies confidence, health, strength, happiness and self-esteem. There are many other postures that can show stages of life or if you’re shy or conceited, oddly enough.

Poor posture can also cause leg, back, neck pain. Poor posture gives you a lack of balance, energy and fatigue and can result in weight gain.

To combat poor posture you can rebuild with resistance exercises. This is very important. After age 20, your metabolism will likely drop 2-3% every 10 years. After age 40 you may lose up to 6 lbs. of muscle every 10 years. Proper exercise, proper technique and posture that help increase and maintain solid muscle mass are the keys to staying fit and keeping your metabolism going.

There are ways to know that you need more or better resistance training. These include but are not limited too: Fall-related injuries, osteoporosis, poor spinal alignment, weight cycling, lack of energy and fatigue, poor sleep, pain (generally leg or back), auto immune issues, lack of balance, poor posture, low metabolism and obesity.

There are many benefits to strength training that go beyond speeding up your metabolism as well. It builds your bone density, strengthens your joints, increases your self-esteem, improves appearance, increases confidence, helps you feel young, improves balance and helps you to control your weight.

Here is another of life’s great choices. Do you want to be deficient and symptomatic or proficient and strong?

Do your daily resistance training. Just 10 minutes a day 3 days a week do 10 repetitions of these 8 exercises…arm lifts, arm curls, leg squats, leg raises, push ups, half push ups and pull ups. A personal trainer is a great idea. Ia Falo is mine. Make sure you choose someone who is proven. Ia is accomplished in wrestling, football, rugby and other sports. Plus, he has a great track record with personal training. Use him or find someone like him and you can’t go wrong. Posture Up!!!


You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know Until You Find Out You Didn’t Know It!

It’s quite strange when you think you’ve got it figured out and then all of a sudden you realize you didn’t have it figured out then, but, you do now.  Or, do you? Emotions are strange creatures. They can catch you by surprise. I was caught by surprise last night when my husband told me some news that I will reveal in a later post since the information is currently top secret. The crazy thing was that I knew this would be happening but when he made it real, it was like a kick in the face. Maybe I was in denial. I want so bad to tell everyone, especially those close to us. This stinks!

I will have to go on like we all do in so many circumstances. There are so many massive blows this life throws at us and we must go on. Always remember that. You can make the choice not too, but, that is the wrong choice. Even if you’ve been on a long path of wrong choices at least get that one right. Then, you can work on 1 more and then 1 more and it may take years but eventually getting it right will get much easier. With each right choice it gets just a bit easier. You can do it! We all can!

There are many things that you will or have already found out that you were surprised about. That’s why it’s so funny that you really don’t know what you don’t know until you find out you didn’t know it. If this hasn’t happened to you yet then I can see why you may think it sounds silly. It will happen though and then you will find the wisdom in it. You may be at a stage in life where you think you have done it, seen it, maybe even know it all. I’m here to tell you that will never happen. No, there are too many amazing possibilities, ideas, endeavors, events, etc out there. Why would you ever give up or give in? Failure is definitely not the end it’s the beginning. You don’t lose, you learn!!! It’s out there. It’s waiting for you to stop doubting. Open your eyes! It’s closer than you think.

I have been feeling the choices I have to make overwhelmingly this time of year. There is not a night when one or more events aren’t happening. There are so many to choose from. Which do you choose? The best part is that everyday you have innumerable choices you can make. It’s not confined just to this time of year. You can sit in one spot, you can go out and walk, you can breathe life in, you can take life by the horns and ride it until you are masterful.

Continue learning, enjoying, working, loving, and being in this vast world of choices. Choose to make your life a masterpiece!

Pure Energy!!!

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For several years I’ve known and have been learning about my health. When I was about 24 I would drive to work at the Idaho State Sheep Commission and look at all of the other people on the roads and think, “How are all of these people going to work? I feel horrible. I’m going but it’s hard to believe people actually appear ready and willing for this arduous day in and day out commitment. I would stop and grab a coffee, then for lunch I would have a huge soda just to keep me going throughout the day. I didn’t appear out of shape at the time so it didn’t occur to me that I wasn’t taking care of my health. I never had to exercise other than my sports or dancing so going to a gym seemed like a strange foreign concept. Only hard core people did that.

I then began working with an environmental product company called Equinox International. I have found that these types of companies do tend to have great products for the most part. (That’s a whole other story though.) Anyway, I began using and eating the products regularly. Herbal supplements, water filters, healthy nutritional bars and even personal care products that were amazing. The next time I caught myself in 8am or 5pm traffic I was looking around going, “Why are these people so gumpy? I feel great.” That’s what actually taking care of your health can do for you. Over the years I have learned how to eat and drink healthier. I highly recommend this site to get you started:

Once you begin taking care of your health you will see things entirely different. Now that I knew how to take better care of myself, I felt like everything would be better. It was for awhile but I began gaining weight because of what life threw at me like I mentioned in a previous post. I knew that I needed to add exercise because it wasn’t very feasible for me to join active groups like basketball, softball, etc. I did try and it didn’t last because I needed prior conditioning and time away from my growing family. Finally, I got a gym membership, tried crossfit, tried many diet programs, etc. I began to think being beautifully fit again would never happen for me.  Would I have to remain over weight? I didn’t want to give up or give in. I am only facing mid-life not the end of my life. I don’t want to spend the next 40+ years not feeling my best and gradually deteriorating.

A personal trainer came up to me several years back and said, “You should get a personal trainer. I thought that it would be cool to do that so I asked him how much it costs? He said, “It’s $35/hr.” I gasped at the thought and said that for as much training as I would need it would be like a new car payment. He said, “Yeah, you pay as much as you’d pay for a car but after 6 months you have your health and a better life.” I thought it was crazy. I could pay 6 months on a car for heaven’s sake. He left probably thinking, “What an idiot.” I was thinking I can do this on my own without wasting that kind of money. Well, it’s not that easy with life and all of it’s twists and turns. Now that I’ve started with a personal trainer, I really wish I would have done it sooner and not wasted all the time and money I did trying to do it on my own. I also think, Rather than paying a car payment for 6 months I can get my health! Then, how much easier would it be to pay that car payment again?

It’s amazing what your health can do to your thought processes. Since I’ve been training with Ia, my energy has skyrocketed. Never before have I felt so energetic after working out. My husband would say how awesome he felt after exercising. I never felt that before Ia taught me. I went to crossfit  for almost a year and would come out feeling completely wasted. I would want to just rest or even sleep. I worked at a gym and felt the same way.  After training with Ia I actually do feel better. He teaches this lengthening of the muscles that is quite different than the hammering of your muscles into shape. I have nothing against crossfit. It did help even though I didn’t lose weight I know I gained muscle. I will probably do it again once Ia has helped me learn lengthening strength and other proper techniques.

The results I’ve seen on other people from lengthening strength are beautiful. The lengthening of the muscles creates a beauty like Holly Holms rather than Rhonda Rousy. You can’t deny Rhonda has impressive strength but when you see the difference in appearance between her and Holly Holmes, you can see what it means to do the kind of training that makes you incredibly strong all over and impressively beautiful at the same time. That’s what I’m learning from Ia. He says that I will gain weight before I lose it and has told me to stop looking at the scale. He says that once we get the muscles in shape the way they are supposed to be then they will automatically burn the fat. He explained that muscle weighs more than fat because it’s more dense and fat is more bulky. He also says that water is what keeps your body’s engine oiled not oil/fat. The fatty oils are what slow the body down. It’s like when you put water and oil together they don’t mix well. Once you get the fatty oils out and more water in you will feel better and have more energy. Oxygen also is beginning to flow through the muscles and that helps with energy. That’s why his exercise techniques work so well because he’s allowing the oxygen to reach the muscles in a more efficient way. When a car is out of oil it doesn’t run well. That’s your body without water and oxygen. Like a well oiled machine, your body needs water and oxygen to have that pure movement and Pure energy!